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"The Law is a Sword and a Shield"

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Our practice opened in December, 2011. Prudence Sanchez began by assisting a family with a suit against a mortgage company, then she began representing children in juvenile court. Prudence has also represented people in family law, real property law, tax cases, landlord/tenant cases, immigration cases, criminal cases, probate, and civil litigation. She will also prepare will packages.

Prudence Sanchez's practice exists to be of service to those in need. When a person seeks legal services, it is because that person is experiencing a problem and needs assistance in resolving it.

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Prudence Sanchez

Attorney at Law

Prudence moved to Denton in 1995 with her husband and four children. Her husband is retired from the USDA Forest Service and was a wildlife biologist on the Caddo and LBJ NationalGrasslands. Her children graduated from the Denton Independent School District and went on to TWU and UNT.

Areas of Practice

  • Juvenile Law
    When a child is faced with having to deal with the court system, whether municipal, justice of the peace, or county court, it is a confusing time for the child and the family. I am able to assist the child and the family to navigate the process, seeking to protect the rights of the child, while doing so at an affordable rate.
  • Criminal Law
    When you are faced with an allegation of a criminal offense, this is no time to represent yourself. Your rights and possibly your liberty are at stake. You need a lawyer who will work for you to get the best possible outcome for your case.
    Other Criminal Charges
  • Family Law
    Low Cost Divorce for Divorces involving no children and no property
    Name Changes Child Support
    Marital Agreements Much More
  • Appellate Work
  • Immigration
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (First application and Renewals)
    I-131 Advanced Parole (Humanitarian)
    Adjustment of Status and I-751 Removal of Conditions
    N-400 Application for Citizenship
    I-90 Renewal of Green Card
  • Wills / Estates / Probate
    Independent Administration
    Dependent Administration
    Muniment of Title
    Small Estate Affidavit
    Preparation of Wills
    Powers of Attorney
    Living Wills
    Other documents as needed
  • Mediation
    Mediation is a viable option to turn to when a dispute arises. It is helpful to go to a third person who has no stake in the dispute to isolate the issues and help the parties to come to an agreement that both sides can live with rather than leaving all the matters up to the court who may enter orders that neither side is happy with.
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